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For MBBS aspirants, doing MBBS in Russia has become one of the favorites landing place for a long time. Literacy rate is very high in the Russia. The program me of its studies and syllabus is at par with other top notch universities in the world. About 4500 Indian students are studying in Russia out of which 80% are medical aspirants. There Indians students are very safe as there is a vivacious Indian community present in Russia and furthermore the diplomatic relations between the countries are very healthy. India is considered as one of the strongest collaborators in Russia. Pursuing MBBS in Russia is one of the wisest choices of medical aspirants.

MBBS in Russia Eligibility Criteria & Advantages

  • MBBS in Russia eligibility is that student should complete the age of 17 years on or prior 31st December before taking admissions in Russia.
  • You can even download the admission form and can fill it up correctly.
  • Along with it passed 11th & 12th certificates are also required.
  • Passport is mandatory and attested/translated documents are required.
  • MBBS eligibility in Russia is similar to all other universities.
  • Student must have min 50% marks in their 12th standard
  • ITCS also provides North and South Indian Food at Russia
  • It is easy to take an MBBS admission in Russia as there is no entrance exam and no donation.
  • Students from middle class families can also easily afford the expenses of their studies in Russia.
  • Subsidised course fees.
  • ITCS has tie-up with different banks for providing educational loans.
  • Medical Council of India (MCI)and worldwide recognition of its degrees.
  • ITCS support for Educational Loans

MBBS NEET Unqualified ? Don't worry we have a solution

  • If you are NEET Unqualified, we have below MBBS options
  • USA : Direct and Via Caribbean (MBBS + MD)
  • Canada : (MBBS + MD ) Also Veterinary options available in
  • Master of Veterinary in Budapest,Hungary (100 % scholarship Available)
  • N M Borisenko Zoo Veterinaty Institute, Ukraine (Less than 20 Lakhs)

Russia MCI Approved Universities – 2016 to 2020 (Consulting fees starting from 25 Thousand)
College Eligibility(NEET Qualified) Six Years Total Cost
Crimea Federal University PCB-70% 16.24 Lakhs
Mari State University PCB-50% 18.76 Lakhs
Kuban State Medical University PCB-50% 21.14 Lakhs
Perm State Medical University PCB-50% 21.35 Lakhs
Altai State Medical University PCB-50% 22.33 Lakhs
Orenburg Medical College PCB-50% 23.03 Lakhs
Volgograd State Medical University PCB-50% 23.03 Lakhs
Northern State Medical University PCB-60% 25.20 Lakhs
Kazan Federal Medical University PCB-50% 26.39 Lakhs
Smolensk State Medical University PCB-50% 27.79 Lakhs
Tver State Medical University PCB-50% 30.10 Lakhs
Kursk State Medical University PCB-50% 30.94 Lakhs
Peoples’ Friendship University PCB-50% 45.92 Lakhs
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University PCB-50% 53.09 Lakhs
ITCS Recommended MCI Approved Other Universities


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